Making a tech firm sexy – client review

Some crazies might consider working in B2B marketing not as fabulous as many B2C industries, I disagree wholeheartedly.  There’s something about a corporate office boardroom that gets my creative juices rippling, I genuinely love it (strange, perhaps, I know).

So when Queensland’s largest provider of Data Centre, Cloud and Connectivity services for Government and Enterprise – iseek –  approached SS to essentially be their external marketing manager last year, I grabbed my bells and was there in a lickety-split. 

Tasked with the job to create and deliver the Brisbane firm’s marketing strategy, social, digital, public relations, email marketing, blogs, etc, came with the requirement for a large amount of quality content creation for use across their various channels.


I truly believe that a good creative can make ANY company interesting to its potential target audience. Researching what your audience is interested in other than just your product/service is key.  What other industries, sports, hobbies, etc are they into as a demographic whole, what makes them merry?  Then cleverly finding ways to relate those things back to your firm is key.  Understanding this not only builds brand recognition and engagement, but also trust, loyalty and genuine connection with your brand.

The below video is a perfect example of this strategy.  iseek’s MD, Jason Gomersall, in his spare time, co-owns a Supercars team, Matt Stone Racing  and also drives on track, with the Pro’s in the Supercar Super 3 Series.  (He tried golf, didn’t float his boat.)

AND…it just happens, that many tech nerds are also crazy about race car driving…..

BOOM!  We have our sexy content.  

We did around 6 Supercars videos in total, all different angles, etc, and released these between other more corporate, tech style videos and other content for a great mix of fabulous B2B marketing content and lead generating content. 

I hope you enjoy, and have a lovely day, Sarah.


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