10 Point Strategic Marketing Meeting Agenda

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When thinking about blogs for this site, I wanted to avoid the fluffy marketing dribble we’ve all witnessed – you know the stuff – unaccountable philosophical copy designed to fill in a marketer’s time or distract a client with no predictable outcome. 


I want to offer real value, and efficiently.  Some say I’ll be giving away IP, I see it differently – I live and breathe this industry and love seeing businesses thrive through great marketing, if I can help that process then my job is done. 


Everything starts with strategy…


Below is a list of points to consider going through with your team that will begin to form a strategy for you to nut out and deliver. 


Start with these, then add your own customised topics for discussion. The list can be used for a start-up business or an already functioning one as a re-fresh to your current marketing activity…


  1. What is our business’s main INTENTION, or MISSION? What are we really here to do?  What do we stand for?  What is our end game?
  2. What problems do we solve for our customers and/or clients?
  3. Who are the businesses primary target markets?  What are their demographics? 
  4. What platforms do these target markets engage with most often?  (TV, radio, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, podcasts, newspapers, etc?)
  5. What do we need most to grow the business?  New leads?  Returning customers?  Referrals?  Stand-out branding amongst competitors?
  6. What content are we producing for our audience?  Is it just a sales push?  Or are we providing real value for our current customers and/or potential customers?  Think about what your audience is interested in other than your business, include these topics and activities in your social media content plan.  Provide real value for your audience.  Do we require a different strategy for new customers and existing customers?
  7. What parts of the business would be considered newsworthy for TV, radio, press, industry blogs, podcasts, influencers, etc.  Devised three potential news angles to use across a six-month PR strategy.  PR not only reaches a new audience and gives your brand credibility, but also provides great content for distribution to your current clients and customers.
  8. What email databases do we have to reach out to? Are we utilising these efficiently for repeat custom?
  9. What cross-promotions with complementary businesses can we do to increase awareness of our brand?  For example, a Supercars team could cross promote with a clothing brand or energy drink because both of the businesses are appealing to the same market.  This way you are opening your brand to an entire new audience, whilst usually halving the costs.
  10. What budget allocation do we have for marketing?  Both in the initial phase and ongoing? Who within the company is responsible for the tactical roll-out of the marketing activities (and no, it shouldn’t be the receptionist, he/she surely has enough to do 😉 )

From here, knowing these foundation strategies, building a tactical marketing plan will be easier and more efficiently targeted. 


If you’d like assistance with the above, or your business’s marketing strategy or implementation, please reach out anytime.


Have a lovely day.

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